Capability Statement

K&S’ core business is in the management of complex supply chains where linehaul and
local transport, export, wharf cartage, bulk transport and storage play key roles.  Our supply
chain design philosophy is based on the principles of simplicity, integration and partnering arrangements that continually drive improvements for K&S and our key clients.

K&S maintains an outstanding facilities and resource base that includes one of the
largest company owned and operated fleets in Australia, 22 national depots including our
state-of-the-art depots at Truganina in Victoria and Kewdale in Western Australia, over 160,000 sqm of other state based warehousing and over 1,700 multi modal rail and sea containers.  We are now one of the largest independent rail freight forwarders in Australia
and also one of the largest users of coastal shipping.

K&S Cap Stat Image 01

State-of-the-art depot at Truganina, Victoria


Our extensive capabilities, flexibility and our ability to adapt our structure and operations
to meet market imperatives has allowed us to create specific client based support structures
that provide cost effective supply chains within our industry base, which includes:

  • Steel and Aluminium
  • Paper
  • Timber and Building Products
  • Manufacturing including Vehicle Manufacturing
  • FMCG
  • Offshore Mining and Exploration
  • Bulk Transport
  • General Transport

K&S has a unique role to play in the logistics market place by our continuing drive to remain
at the forefront of logistics development initiatives.  In particular, our information systems
have been developed exclusively in-house to support a totally integrated approach with our
clients and supporting service providers.  Our innovative equipment developments, in support
of our solution based approach, has also been a key driver in reducing our clients supply
chain costs.