K&S people can be recognised as having great passion and enthusiasm to the Company’s commitment
as a recognised market leader within the transportation industry.  Fundamental to our success is the high quality of people who lead and support our core business principles of:

  • Exceptional Customer Service Focus
  • Everybody Safe Every Day
  • Road Law Compliance
  • Innovation

At the forefront of our commitment to people is ongoing training and development to ensure our people
have the necessary skills and experience to achieve personal and business success.

Training programs across the Group covers both operational management and development programs.

Operational employees actively participate in both the Road Transport and Warehouse Certificate 3 programs, under the guidance of skilled logistics training providers.  These programs have been specifically tailored to compliment and re-enforce our core value commitments.

Whilst training and development at the operator level is primarily skills based, our attention to successfully progress employees within the business focuses on creating a learning environment that graduates a broad range of skill development opportunities, using a three tiered approach.

  • Tier 1 is the graduate entry program where K&S engage new logistics graduates.  
    Their training plan is based on a series of short term rotations leading to a staged progression
    over a 12-24 month period.
  • Tier 2 comprises middle managers where the focus is placed on operational and management
    skills training.
  • Tier 3 is for senior managers where they again rotate through various positions leading
    ultimately to higher positions.

In addition to these programs we integrate relevant external operational and management development programmes, industry association working parties and networking participation to ensure we keep at the forefront of the logistics and supply Chain initiatives.