Whether your delivery is urgent or if you are simply looking for a service that you can trust, DTM Logistics will deliver the goods.

We offer a broad selection of services to metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle and Adelaide catering for any job, large or small. Specialized vehicles are also available.

Professional, reliable and competitive. You can trust DTM Logistics every time.

Hourly Hire

Our fleet ranges from Utes to Semi Trailers and the rates vary with the size of the vehicle requested or required. Charges are to the nearest fifteen minutes with a minimum of a one hour charge applicable on all hirings. A call fee of one hour will be levied in the case of a
futile call, or job cancellation after the vehicle has been dispatched.

Vehicle sizes range from one tonne utes to semi trailers and we can source any type of vehicle.

Rates vary with size of truck and weight to be carried. Charges are levied on vehicle size required meaning you pay no more if we send a larger vehicle. Minimum charge of one hour applies, thereafter to nearest 15 minutes.

Our standard rates cover the extensive metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle & Adelaide.

On demand service is offered and trucks are usually available within one hour or you can book ahead and choose a time that suits you.

Pick Up to Drop Off Point Hire

Talk to us about your special requirements including hand unloading at destination.