Formed in 1945 initially through a partnership between Jack Kain and Aub Shelton, K&S (Kain and Shelton) commenced trading shortly after World War II in Mount Gambier. In the early days K&S operated supporting Mt Gambier and Victorian based businesses but have since evolved to become one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest National multi-modal providers of transport and distribution services.

Here is what 70+ years of rich history looks:

► K&S was formed through a partnership
► Kain & Shelton Pty Ltd was Incorporated
► Pioneered the use of refrigerated vans in Australia
► Opened its first Ampol Fuel Agency
► Established depot operations in Melbourne
► Opened terminals in Sydney and Adelaide
► Entered the rail market
► The business was acquired by AA Scott and Softwood
► Opened terminals in Brisbane and Perth
► Revenues grew to $5m per annum
► The business name changed from K&S Lake City Freighters
Pty Ltd to K&S Freighters Pty Ltd in recognition of its national
► Operations primarily consisted road-based transport,
operating fleet of single articulated vehicles and a number
of rail containers
► Allan Scott purchased K&S and turned it into a public
company by listing it on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
► Revenues reached $50m per annum
► Key focus during 1990s was purchase of land within major
capital cities, primarily adjacent to rail services
► K&S started operating the first B Double combination in
Victoria, followed soon thereafter by operations of B Doubles
on all its National routes
► K&S, in conjuntion with Border Express and Finemores,
established Smart Distribution in support of Australian
Newsprint Mills, involving transport and storage of
newsprint around the nation
► Achieved ISO 9002 (later called ISO 9001) quality endorsed
company accreditation for its commitment to achieving
international benchmark service standards, with major
emphasis on safety, professionalism and performance
► Revenues reached $150m per annum
► K&S sold its Express Division and concentrated on its core
linehaul and forwarding business
► Smart Logistics entered the New Zealand market; and K&S
restructured its newsprint business to enable it to commence
wharf cartage, warehousing and distribution to print rooms
► Expanded geographical coverage to Central Queensland by
acquiring Brisbane based FH Transport
► During the 2000s K&S acquired Australian companies Stepnell
Transport, DTM Transport and Brookes Transport; and New Zealand
based Cochranes Transport, McCarthy Transport and North
Eastern Transport
► K&S Central Queensland was renamed K&S Bulk, allowing it to
market bulk services nationally
► Opened a state-of-the-art transport and warehousing facility in
► Rocklea depot was sold, and a Coppers Plains depot acquired
► Acquired the business of Pacific Transport, Regal
Transport, Collare Transport, Scott Corporation
(which has four operating divisions – Bulktrans,
Chemtrans, EnergyTrans and Hyde Park Tanks),
Northern Territory Freight Services (NTFS),
Aero Refuellers and Scotts Transport Industries
► Opened new depots in Kewdale & Broome