It takes people from all our teams to keep K&S Freighters improving, growing and offering the best transport and logistic solutions that we are known for in Australia and New Zealand.

We are warm, genuine and supportive of our people who are our #1 asset. We thrive on the commitment we make to people, right from finding them, to growing them and keeping them.

With a team of 2600+ employees Australia-wide and in New Zealand working across over 80 locations, we are committed to achieving our core business values:

Everybody Safe Every day. We care about each other’s health and wellbeing and will perform all tasks safely.

Customer Service
We will strive to meet and exceed the ongoing requirements of our customers.

People & Community
We empower, care, value, and respect our people, the relationships and communities we engage with.

We are committed to creating solutions that add value and financial sustainability and security to shareholders and opportunity to our employees.

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