The safety of all staff is an overriding strategic initiative for K&S and we are at the forefront of developments to ensure the safety of all employees, sub-contractors and visitors. 

It is an integral part of our business and it is built into all employee roles and responsibilities from the Managing Director down to line supervisiors and drivers.  Our aim is to establish and maintain a healthy working environment not only for our employees but also our aligned contractors and visitors to K&S sites. 

K&S is self insured through the Federal Government’s Comcare Accreditation system and we were the first transport company to receive the highest tier 3 safety classification.

Our OHS working culture has been implemented through the “Everybody Safe Everyday” program, which specifically aims to:

  • Develop a safety culture where positive attitudes towards safety are embedded in all employees;
  • Enable continuous monitoring of safety behaviours;
  • Place safety responsibility on all shoulders;
  • Develop knowledge and awareness of Safe and At Risk behaviours;
  • Strengthen ties between management & operations; and
  • Action Safety Leadership Principles.