K&S’ commitment to the environment forms a key part of our corporate citizenship obligations. 

K&S is an industry leader in the field of reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions and is a key advisor to the Government, through its membership of the Australian Trucking Association, on proposed carbon trading legislation.  As an organisation K&S is a proactive participant in the EEO Program and the NGER Program.

The majority of our carbon emissions are from the combustion of diesel in our vehicles.  We have reduced our carbon emissions by proactively upgrading our fleet to Euro4 and Euro5 vehicles, improving vehicle operating efficiencies including brake and aerodynamic drag, increased application of roller shaker trials, increasing payloads, converting our fleet to ADR80/02 (Euro4) oil changes, reducing our empty running kilometres, installing high efficiency alternators, using an E-Sock engine oil exchange module and also reducing our energy usage in other areas wherever possible including electricity usage.

K&S, through its membership of the ATA, has been instrumental in working with the Department of Climate Change to design and create an Operational Control Tool – “Balance Scorecard” to assist both clients and the industry in a consistent approach to determining operational control and thus reporting obligations under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Program.